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Why the name RetireBy49?

Our team has debated a lot on regarding the selection of the name “retireby49“. We arrived at the conclusion that it reflects our personal journey, where our goal was to achieve retirement well before the age of 49.

Given that in India, many individuals begin their careers at the age of 24 or 25, we believe that by carefully planning our investments for the next 25 years, until the age of 49, we can ensure financial stability and security well into our later years, up to the age of 85. This approach promises a fulfilling and contented retirement for all.

Our Approach

Our team has debated a lot on why should we choose name as ““. We thought, as this is our own story where we aimed to retire well before 49 and succeeded to retire at the age of 43, why not to name accordingly. In India, now a days, most of the people start their career at the age of 24 or 25. If we plan our investments properly for next 25 years, i.e. till the age of 49, we can survive financially till we became 85 years old! This will give everyone HAPPY RETIREMENT.

Our Goal

The primary aim of creating this platform is not to generate profit but to assist a significant number of investors who have fallen victim to misguided advice. We personally encountered this situation in our early stage of investment. In discussions with many of our friends, especially towards the end of the financial year, we noticed that they had faced similar challenges. Many of them had purchased endowment policies solely to save on taxes, even when it was unnecessary. This realization was a turning point for us. We discovered that a large portion of people’s investments were influenced by agents or recommendations from friends, resulting in them not achieving the financial gains they had anticipated. As a result, our mission is to enable everyone to retire with a sense of accomplishment and financial security. We want everyone to “Retire With Pride!”