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Welcome to the world of Finance

Hi, I’m Rajesh Ladda
a Retirement Planner.

I am a SEBI registered Research Analyst with over 25+ years of stock market experience and 20+ years in the corporate world. I am not only a seasoned professional but also a dedicated educator, having trained over 10,000+ corporate professionals. My expertise spans are Retirement Planning, Renko Charts, and Options Trading, making me a trusted advisor in the financial realm. I distinguished my career, marked by early retirement at 49 and leadership experience, exemplifies my profound influence in both corporate and financial circles.


What I Do

Financial Analysis

I evaluate financial data and statements of companies, seeking to understand their financial health. I examine income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements to assess the company's performance and profitability.

Market Research

I conduct extensive market research to identify trends, opportunities, and risks in various industries. This research helps investors and fund managers make informed decisions.

Economic and Industry Analysis

I monitor economic and industry trends that can impact financial markets. I assess macroeconomic indicators, government policies, and industry-specific factors.

From Corporate World to the World of Finance

My Journey

Early Years of Corporate Life

Like most people, I started my corporate career upon finishing my graduation in the year 2000. However, I held a persistent belief that I didn't truly fit in this environment. Coming from a Marwari family, my heart was always drawn towards the world of finance, the world of the stock market (equities). Once I began my first job in the corporate sector, my daily work responsibilities consumed so much of my time that I couldn't spare any time to delve into learning or experimenting in the equity market. Consequently, my initial aspiration was to attain financial stability so that I could eventually pursue my dream of working in the field of finance.

Initial Ventures into Investment

I initiated my journey into the world of investment with a small sum of ₹2000 while pursuing my graduation. It didn't take long for me to realize that the key to healthy investments require an entirely different approach. As belonging to a Marwari family where financial wisdom is a regular topic of discussion due to our involvement in diverse business enterprises. I was raised on a steady diet of financial discussions and life lessons from my father, elder brother, and cousins. As a result, I decided to engage in more serious and professional investment practices.

Strategic Investment Approach

I allocated 30% of my take-home salary to invest in four high-quality Equity Mutual Funds every month through a systematic investment plan (SIP). This SIP journey started in 2005, with an initial amount of ₹5000, gradually increasing it over the years with respect to my salary increments. This strategic approach has helped me to construct a robust portfolio ultimately positioning me to retire comfortably before the age of 49 by leaving behind the burden of corporate life and fulfilling my aspiration of working in the stock market, where I truly belong. At present, my portfolio has grown to a size that generates a passive income, ensuring a comfortable livelihood for both myself and my family.

My Finance Learning Adventure

In the course of my involvement in the stock market, I took the initiative to acquire certifications such as NiSM's Retirement Planner and Research Analyst. I'm proud to share that my Research Analyst license is SEBI approved (Registration No.INH000013208). This experience has reinforced my belief that with proper planning and dedication, you can succeed in the field where you truly belong. Despite my graduation being in a different field, I managed to redirect my path towards the financial sector. My goal is to guide people on how to wisely invest in equities to grow their portfolios and retire with financial independence, free from relying on anyone else

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Rajesh Ladda

Research analyst

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